The President of Aztlan was elected by all citizens of Aztlan who were 18 or more years old. He or she served a single 5-year term.

2226-2231-Tony Rodriguez

2231-2236-Mark Strather

2236-2241-Alejandro Coronado Marquez

2241-2246-Davis Bradshaw

2246-2251-James Hartford

2251-2256-Pablo Nergaro

2256-2261-Angela Anderson

2261-2266-Alfoncio San Lorenzo

2266-2268-Ken Elsmore (Died in Office)

2268-2273-Dominic Esteban Cedero

2273-2278-Michael Garcia

2278-2283-Leon Perez

2283-2287-Robert Fawkes (Died in Office)

2287-2292-Fernando Montoya

2292-2297-Adrian Webster

2297-2302-Stanley Rendhouser

2302-2307-Marco Sadrino

2307-2311-Carlos Walker

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