Mesopelegii Confederation
Meso flag (2)
Flag of Mesopelegia


Kenyonstown, pop. 2,265,300


English, Maori, other Aboriginal languages


Mesopelegii, Meso, Mesopelegian


Constitutional Presdidential Triarchial Republic

-Monarch: King Jeremiah Ngata I

-President: Daniel Steele (Since 2584)

-Prime Minister: Paul Iploristran




Triarchy Declared on 25 January 2406

Constitution Adopted on 12 September 2406


68,026,550 (2585 Estimate)

Average Per Capita GDP

$67,560 (2577 Census)


Mesopelegii Dollar (MP$)


"Terra Inter Maris" (The Land Between The Seas)

Mesopelegia, officially the United Confederate Republic of Mesopelegia, is a nation in Oceania, comprised of a continent formerly known as Australia, a chain of two large islands formerly known as New Zealand, and a smaller island once known as Tasmania. It is one of the largest countries in the world. There are 12 territories in Mesopelegia.

The land known today as Mesopelegia was colonized for thousands of years prior to the foundation of the nation of Mesopelegia. Most of the continent's population was centered on the coastlines. Rising sea levels caused these cities to be inundated and destroyed. The population moved inland, and due to their wealth, were able to rebuild fairly quickly. The floods also created an inland sea, which provided new coastal areas for new cities to be built. The largest city is Monarchstown, which had a population of 19,844,745 at the 2577 census.

Today, Mesopelegia is the third richest nation in the world, behind the United Netherlands and Mediterranea. It is also one of the most-developed nations in the world, and has the third largest military, behind Transatlantica and Kazakh Eli.

Mesopelegia General Map

Mesopelegia Map


Territory Name Capital Population (approx.) Largest City
Federal Capital Kenyonstown Kenyonstown
Elizabeth Port Emerald Port Emerald
New Cymru Monarchstown Monarchstown
East Mesopelegia Raleighsville Queen's Cove
North Mesopelegia Cahill Town Cahill Town
Aurealia Augustine Cape Morrow
Central Mesopelegia Loongana Loongana
Swan River New Perth New Perth
New Holland Hartog Hartog
Dervon Brighton Brighton
New Rakiura Waikakaru Miurau
Aotearoa New Tauranga New Tauranga

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