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Mesopelegia is a young nation in a place once called Oceania. It was formed during an unknown time period following the destruction of modern civilization. Mesopelegia is led by its reigning monarch and its Prime Minister. Together they form the legislative branch of their unique government.


Mesopelegia is a confederate diarchy with a parliamentary democracy, although its constitution is not codified.

Executive BranchEdit

King Jeremiah Ngata is the King of New Zealand and the head of state. The King is a third of the Executive Branch, the others being the President and The Ministry. The President is elected by the people, namely all sane citizens above 16. The Ministry is comprimised of the heads of all the departments. The High Court elects the heads while the Chamber commands them. The majority rule can veto a bill. They can also make "executive orders" so people follow the law. The King and the President choose judges at nationwide level to their designated territories. They are reffered to as the Executives. The President is commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Mesopelegia.
  • The Mesopelegian Navy
  • The Mesopelegian Army
  • The Mesopelegian Royal Air Force

Legislative BranchEdit

The Mesopelegian Congress is divided into two "councils". These are the Chamber and the House.

The House of the People is not an actual "council" or law-making body, but simply the direct majority vote of the people. They vote "pro or con" towards a law.

The Chamber is the other council. They approve treaties or official appointments made by the Executives.They are made up of a Governor for each territory. They serve five-year terms. The Director of the Chamber is the governor of the most populated territory. He is the tie-braker.

The two form laws as "bills" which is directly voted upon. If the executives veto the bill it can becomes a law anyway, if voted by more than 3/4 ofthe House, i.e. the people. They don't control the states, but they can influence them.

Administrative BranchEdit

The Administrative Branch is the part of government that interprets what the law means. The Administrative Branch is made up of the High Court and many lower courts. If the High Court decides that a law is not allowed by the Constitution, the law is said to be "struck down" and is no longer a valid law. The High Court is made up of ten judges, called Bureaucrats, who are nominated by the President and confirmed by the House. One of these Bureaucrats , called the Grand Bureaucrat, heads the court. A High Court bureaucrat serves until he or she resigns. When that happens, the Chamber nominates someone new to replace the justice who left. If the House agrees with that choice, the person becomes a justice. If the House does not agree with the Chamber's choice, then the Executives must nominate someone else. It has been firmly established that the High Court is the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution and has the power to strike down any law that conflicts with it.


The people of Mesopelegia can collect signatures if they do not like a new law or a law change. This is called a referendum. If enough people sign a referendum, the people vote. The people can also collect signatures to change the constitution. This is called an initiative. The constitution is the basic law of a country.



  • Swan River Territory
  • North Mesopelegian Territory
  • New Rakiurian Territory
  • New Holland Territory
  • New Cymru Terrritory
  • Elizabeth Territory
  • East Mesopelegian Territory
  • Dervon Territory
  • Central Mesopelegian Territory
  • Federal Capital Territory
  • Aurealian Territory
  • Aotorean Territory
There are 12 territories in Mesopelegia. Included in these is the Commonwealth of Aotearoa, located in what once was New Zealand. Some of them are similiar in boundaries to Australia's states and territories.

Federal Capital TerritoryEdit

Elizabeth TerritoryEdit

New Cymru TerritoryEdit

North Mesopelegia TerritoryEdit

East Mesopelegia TerritoryEdit

Aurealia TerritoryEdit

New Holland TerritoryEdit

Swan River TerritoryEdit

Central Mesopelegia TerritoryEdit

New Rakiura TerritoryEdit

Dervon TerritoryEdit

Aotearoa TerritoryEdit

Additional TerritoriesEdit

Mesopelegia has no additional Territories but it use to have a small claim on an Antarctic Island before Adelia fell to a rebellion.


  • Mesopelegia means the land between the seas.
  • All territories have a play on words.
    • Australia also has an Federal Capital Territory.
    • The Elizabeth Territory is where the Victoria Territory was, they both being named for ancient British Monarchs.
    • New Cymru is where New South Wales was, Cymru an ancient name for Wales.
    • North Mesopelegia is in North Australia.
    • East Mesopelegia is in Queensland.
    • Aurealia means "southern" and is located on South Australia.
    • New Holland was an old name for a colony on Australia.
    • Swan River was the name of another old Australian colony.
    • Central Mesopelegia is named for Central Australia, an old Australian colony.
    • New Rakiura comes from Rakiura, an old name for New Zealand's south island, hinting immigration.
    • Dervon is an old name for Tasmania which Dervon is located on.
    • Aotearoa is a cultural name for New Zealand.

  • Australia is the only country in the future to have an technical Antarctic Claim, hinting its large claims in the modern world. These territories became Aussie and The Britons.

  • The constant use of the trident in Mesopelegian symbolism hints their dependency on fishing.

  • Terra Australis is an ancient name reffering to Australia, hense its naming, meaning "southern land".

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