District 4 is one of the 14 districts of Panem.

District 4 Seal


The culture of the people of District 4 is heavily based around the sea.


The food in District 4 is heavily pescatarian. It is tradition for ech familyto have its own recipes, only combining through marriage.


District 4 has spacial marriage traditions.


Blue is always common among clothing, as well as tropical colors. Flower prints are all the rage and bermuda shorts are never really out.


District 4 residents are commonly knowledgeable about edible sealife and capable of using and/or making fishing materials. Tridents are common weapons of use as they are tradition.


Adrian Eau leads District 4 as mayor.


Fishing is still very common in District 4, and there are few other jobs. However, many have turned to use their aquatic capabilities for entertainment. Many left District 4 and gained jobs as proffesional swimmers, divers ect. Many used their abilities to become marine biologists, seafood chefs, sea-sponge collectors, ect. District 4's beaches attract tourism in the winter, and fishing in the summer.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Do you like seafood? Shrimp and crabmeat? Often overlooked, District 4 plays an essential role bringing us the bounty of the sea. These citizens are adept with fish and tridents, and can swim like fish themselves."

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