Vlag Zeeland
The Sealandic Flag


"Lucor Et Emergo"


"I struggle and I emerge"


Flushing (Vlissienge)

Official Language





Parliamentary Democracy

Sealand (Zeêuws: Zeêland, Dutch: Zeeland) is a country near the United Netherlands. For 17 years, it was a part of the United Netherlands, but Sealand seperated. The country counts five islands and a lot discovered islands.


The president of Seland is Ferdinant Peijs. Every five year the citizens of all the Sealandic islands choose a president. There are 3 parties: Zeêuwen Gaan Voor (ZGV) , Zeêuwse Democratie (ZD) and Ôns bin Zunig (OBZ). The biggest party is the OBZ. Almost all the Sealandic People vote for this party (82%)


Sealand has a very modern fleet. With that fleet, they discovered islands like:Edit

Old Sealand (Oud Zeeland)

Map of Sealand


Old Sealand were the Islands of Sealand when they where a province of the Netherlands.

Discoverd by: Michaël Ruyters

Citizens: 5,000

Biggest pary: ZGV (52%)

The Pyrenees Islands (De Pyrenee-Eilanden)
Vlag Overzees Zeeland

Flag of the Discovered Islands


The Pyrenees Islands are a group of little islands in the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of years ago were the Pyrenees mountains

Discovered by: Abêl Tasjesman

Citezens: 200

Biggest party: OBZ (96%)

The English Islands (De Iengelse Eilanden)Edit

The English Islands are a couple islands that remain of Great-Britain after the big flood.

Discovered by: William Baarnt

Citezens: 8,500

Biggest party: OBZ (42%)

Mount Etna Island ('t Etna-Eiland)Edit

  • Flag of the Alpine Islands
  • Flag of the Pyrenees Islands
  • Flag of the English Islands
  • Flag of the Mount Etna Island
  • Flag of the Scandinavian Islands

Mount Etna Island is an vulcano. The last eruption was in 2105, so there's no danger.

Discovered by: Abêl Tasjesman

Citezens: 400

Biggest party: OBZ (100%)

The Scandinavian Islands (De Scandinavische Eilanden)Edit

The Scandinavian Islands are a couple cold icy islands near the North Pole.

Discovered by: Michaël Ruyters

Citezens: 1,250

Biggest party: OBZ (96%)

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